Re-imagining Tutor Training Using The Major Arcana as Student Troupes

Salvatore (Tory) Russo, Nate Hertweck, California State University: Dominguez Hills
live session


Many writing center professionals vibe with spirituality, mysticism, and, believe it or not, the tarot. Expanding on these interests: we recognize there is a need to re-imagine ways to engage, connect, and educate writing centers professionals. With the growing number of millennial and Gen Z tutors rising to power in our writing centers, we can explore the major arcana of the 22 tarot troupes as a tool for tutors to identify student needs. This project will equip writing center employees including but not limited to student tutors, writing professionals, and directors to explore and reckon with expanding the role of the tutor through the lenses of the trickster, fool, tower, hanged-man, magician, and sun troupes.

In this session, attendees will:

1.) gain an understanding of how these arcana troupes can be used to meet students where they’re at
2.) participate in a creative activity that explores the connection between their writing center and the arcana
3.) discuss ways to adapt and implement these ideas in a way that fits their writing center.
4.) receive supplemental multimodal engagement via a video essay and original digital tarot designs.

The presentation will also share findings from the recent practicum at the CSUDH Writing Center. Re-imagining our writing center’s methods of training in this way was successful and engaging. What fate do the cards hold for your writing center?