Using Creative Strategies to Mitigate Writing Anxiety

Danielle Jonas-Delson, Leila Anzalone, Nicco Bartone, Occidental College
live session


This presentation aims to address writing anxieties induced and worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic. In a 2017 survey conducted by the American College Health Association, 52.6% of students reported experiencing anxiety and felt that it had impacted their learning and academic performance (Driscoll & Wells, 2020). Drawing from their research on the importance of emotional regulation in writing development, Driscoll and Wells (2020) proposed key suggestions for ‘tutoring the whole person’ that can help mitigate students’ writing anxiety. Building on their work, we will explain how humor and playful strategies can be applied to Writing Center sessions to help students establish rapport with tutors and gain confidence in their own writing (Sherwood, 1993; Hall, 2020). Through a synchronous presentation and discussion with peer writing advisers, we will work towards a collaborative and innovative approach to destigmatizing and lessening COVID-19 induced writing anxiety.

Session Recording