Affinity Groups and Writing Centers: A Study on Access During Remote Learning
Linda Huang, Pitzer College
Change of Scenery: Examining At-Home Writing Spaces to Improve On-Campus Writing Centers
Makenna Myers, Kaylee De La Motte, Kirstie Skogerboe, Seth Skogerboe, Concordia University Irvine
Changing the Tutor Bio into a Space for Invitation and Inclusion
Oliver Sun, Thomas Lim, Noorhan Amani, University of California, San Diego
Choose Your Own Adventure: Empowering Tutors to Build Professional Prospects beyond the WC
Benjamin Balazs, Vaishalee Chaudhary, California State University, Long Beach
Culturally Responsive Tutoring: eVALUEating Your Cultural Consciousness to Support International Students
Olivia Becker, Nyle de Leon, California Lutheran University
Decisions… Decisions: Changing the Way We Help International Students
Elliani Bailey, Southern Utah University
Embedded Change: Embedded Physics Tutorials in the Age of COVID-19
Jennifer Siino, Adrianna Burton, Matthew Nelson, University of California, Irvine
The Evolution of In-Class Tutors for Online Learning
Rachel Woodward, Jade MacEoghain, Lisa M Botuchis, Yasmine Shah, MiraCosta College
Finding Comfort in a Changed Mindset toward Tutoring Creative Writing
Sarah Maria Wilson, Azusa Pacific University
How to Tutor Students during COVID
Elliot Palatnik, Pepperdine University
Learning without Boundaries
Glenna Trone, MiraCosta College
Maintaining Community within the Writing Center despite Zoom Room Doom: A Podcast
Aanya Rampuria, Charlotte Harrington, Occidental College
(Re)Creating Writing Center Community
Sarah Pultz, Anne Fleming, KD King, John Pappas, Jeff Schoneman, MiraCosta College
A Social Justice Approach to Tutoring
Isabella Breda, California Lutheran University
Speaking of Change: Writing Center and Speech/Presentation Center Collaborations
Sarah Penner, Southern Utah University
A Tale of Two Prose: a Comparison Between Scientific and Creative Writing
Jack Nielsen, Kylie Park, Southern Utah University
The Theory of Work Adjustment and Coping with Change
Camille Ianne Marquez, Pasadena City College
The Writing Center and the “Digital Divide” in the Age of Online Learning
Femke Teunissen, Dani Cooke, Radha Arora, Alika Williams, Occidental College
Using Writing Centers as a Hub for Social Justice Change
Jasmine Betka, Moorpark College
Writing Remotely: Strategies for Tutoring in Unfamiliar Disciplines
Matt Chopp, River Lisius, Esme Epstein, Occidental College
Writing through Change: Bringing Tutors Together Using Creative Writing
Samuel Bannon, Adrianna Burton, Keely Blissmer, Jordyn O’Rourke, University of Califoria, Irvine