2022 Call for Proposals

The Southern California Writing Centers Association invites submissions for our 2022 Online Tutor Showcase. Instead of an in-person conference, tutors will have the opportunity to host synchronous online sessions leading up to the Showcase’s launch or to contribute asynchronous works that will comprise the Showcase. Synchronous sessions will be hosted the week of April 4th, and the showcase will launch on this website on Saturday, April 9, 2022. Its theme is “Re-entry: Reclaiming and Reimagining the Writing Center.”

As writing centers reenter familiar spaces and contexts, the changes of the last two years become even more apparent. These changes raise both familiar and new questions. Proposals might be inspired by (but are not limited to) the following:

  • What has changed upon re-entering the writing center?
  • Who uses the writing center, or who doesn’t use the writing center?
  • Who is the writing center for, and how do we know we’re serving them?
  • What does a reimagined writing center look like, and how do we justify this reimagining?

Given the online nature of the Tutor Showcase, successful proposals will not only address the theme, “Re-entry: Reclaiming and Reimagining the Writing Center”, but also how the proposed work will make the most of either its live, interactive format or its digital, asynchronous format. Final submissions for asynchronous content may be audio/video-based, interactive web-based, or text-based works (descriptions and links to 2021 works below; if the images don’t appear, reload the page).

Audio/Video Submissions

E.g., podcasts, narratives, vlogs & pre-recorded presentations

Interactive Submissions

E.g., websites, bitmoji & text-based games

Text-based Submissions

E.g., essays & research papers

Proposal rubric & Submission link
Submission deadline – Friday, December 10, 2021

The proposal review committee will be in touch about the status of proposals by January 15th. For questions about proposals, please contact the Proposal Committee Chair, Jennifer Kavetsky at jennifer.kavetsky@ucr.edu.